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Project Companion the missing link for Microsoft Project users




Ever since 2002, Project Companion has helped more than 70,000 users demystify Microsoft Project.  Now in its version 5.0 release let Project Companion provide you with the missing link between project planning theory and Microsoft Project functionality.


Why use Project Companion?

Does Microsoft Project's underlying structure and its scheduling calculations ever confuse you?  They confuse a lot of people.  Let Project Companion provide an invaluable bridge between how you'd plan things manually and how Microsoft Project works it all out.  You'll be in good company:

  • Students use Project Companion to learn about Project Management and planning theory.

  • Individual project managers use Project Companion to help them plan specific projects.

  • Corporate departments use Project Companion to emphasise best practices.

  • Organizations have Project Companion on their intranets to promote a common understanding.


Get to grips with background planning theory and relate this to day-to-day Microsoft Project

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Project Companion - Get the missing link

Get the missing link.  Just click the button below to for the link to access Project Companion for yourself.


Project Companion - Get the missing link

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What's in Project Companion?

Lookup the definitions of more than 700 interlinked keywords and understand Microsoft Project better


Project Companion takes all the Planning Primer references from our Project Mentor learning system and packages them together in one easy-to-access place.  The key information you'll need to fill in that missing link will always be to hand.

  • Eighty-six detailed reference topics spread across seventeen reference pages

  • Links to more than 700 Microsoft Project and Project Management keywords, all of which are themselves interlinked.

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