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  Whether you're a freelance project manager, responsible for projects as part of a larger team, or an integral part of a project portfolio; if you use Microsoft Project, then Project Mentor can provide you with achievable and tangible benefits.  See below how Project Mentor is providing these benefits to individuals and organisations around the world.  

User Profile - United Airlines

25-50 Project Mentor Users

With just over 40 Project Mentor users, United Airlines Cargo have Project Mentor as in integral part of a project management excellence program.  Their key requirements were:

  • To train self-taught project managers how to use Microsoft Project more effectively; improving their project management discipline in the process.

  • To assess and test Microsoft Project competency to allow progression towards Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

  • To have a training solution that was cost effective, easy to deploy and didn't require many hours of  expensive classroom tuition.

United thoroughly evaluated Project Mentor and then implemented it 3 months later.  To date, their average pre-learning and post-learning assessments indicate a relative Microsoft Project knowledge increase of more than 75%.

"At United Airlines Cargo, Project Mentor is more than a computer-based tutorial, it is a business tool and ready reference for jump-starting our busy headquarters staff to develop Microsoft Project and project management skills as a core competency.  Written by project managers for project managers, Mentor unmasks the power of Microsoft Project as a superior planning tool, with real-world lab exercises that allow our managers to learn basic and advanced techniques while adhering to a generally-accepted project lifecycle discipline.

I highly recommend Project Mentor and for self-paced or classroom training in project scheduling that is knowledge-based, professionally relevant, easily delivered, and very affordable."

 Stephen Michaelson Program Manager United Airlines


User Profile - Pace

A Corporate Program Office

As a company at the cutting edge of the consumer electronics industry, Pace have developed and deployed a sophisticated Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solution that is in use every day by their project management community.  Ensuring consistent best-practice PPM, Pace have a programme office acting as a centre of project management excellence.  Project Mentor is the learning tool of choice for the programme office to help them provide an essential service to their project management community.  Project Mentor provides Pace with the following:

  • As a ready reference, providing immediate answers to a wide range of Microsoft Project questions.

  • To help promote and reinforce PPM processes and disciplines.

  • Fulfilling the need to use Microsoft Project to its greatest potential.

"I find Project Mentor to be an invaluable tool in helping me get the best out of Microsoft Project.  As my role helps to ensure that our PPM community uses Microsoft Project to its utmost, I have to be able to support and assist our team with any questions or issues that they may have. I  find the reference aspect of Project Mentor especially useful as all I have to do is lookup a particular keyword and comprehensive information is at my disposal; from simple definitions to detailed step-by-step practical explanations.  Project Mentor helps me fulfil my role as it always provides me with the answers that I need, just when I need them."

Richard Capenerhurst Senior Programme Support, Pace Corporate Program Office


Project Mentor case studies



Project Mentor case studies

User Profile - Graeme Dick

A freelance Project Management specialist

Graeme Dick is a freelance project manager, specialising in the Government sector.  Based in Upper Hutt, New Zealand, Graeme purchased Project Mentor directly from the Project Learning website

As my role involves providing best practice project management to my customers, I always have to be ahead of the game.  For several years I had searched for training that filled in the missing links for me.  Unfortunately all the classroom or PC-based options I tried failed to meet my expectations.   A web search brought Project Mentor to my attention.  Its promises appeared to fulfil my needs, so I purchased it online.  I have to say that I'm impressed and think its one of the most beneficial purchases I've made for my project management work.  Following the systems recommendations, I created my own Personal Learning Plan, advising me of what I already knew.  I then matched this to what I needed to learn and I was away.  Having used Microsoft Project quite extensively before, I was able to focus my time on learning tools and techniques that were important to me especially the more complex and detailed aspects of Microsoft Project.  It took me about 15 days to work through Project Mentor, mostly in my spare time.  I now use Project Mentor primarily for reference, with answers to my questions always to hand.

What impressed me the most about Project Mentor is that it taught me the best way to do something, filling in the gaps in my knowledge and also correcting any bad habits that I had developed over the years.  As a consequence, my confidence level in using Microsoft Project has gone up significantly. Learning how to customise Microsoft Project, especially in relation to reporting, has been particularly useful.

Graeme is one of our elite Project Mentor users, belonging to a small (but growing) number of people worldwide who have scored 90%+ in our Personal Learning Plan competency evaluation.


User Profile - Marsh Inc.

100+ Project Mentor Users

With almost 130 Project Mentor users, Marsh Inc. of Chicago purchased Project Mentor for project managers involved in a global project to deploy one of their risk management solutions within their offices worldwide.  They initially purchased 10 Project Mentor licenses as part of their evaluation and acceptance program.  This was followed with a full deployment of a further 110+ Project Mentor licenses.  Their key evaluation requirements were:

  • To have a training option that could be deployed across multiple offices simultaneously, without the need for people to travel to classroom-based training sessions.

  • To be able to assess learning gains for users on a worldwide basis; without having to speak to or see the users in person.

  • To have a solution that provided consistency of tuition, whether users were based in Chicago, Chennai or Copenhagen.

Project Mentor provided Marsh with a solution costing them less then $200 per user.  The average Marsh user had 50% more Microsoft Project knowledge after using Project Mentor than they did before.

Marsh is one of the world's leading risk and insurance services firms, with almost 30,000 employees and annual revenues exceeding $5 billion.  They provide risk management and insurance solutions for clients in over 100 countries.


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