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Let Project Mentor help you become a Microsoft Project Certified Professional

"With a class it is a one time event. With Project Mentor you can revisit and do exercises at your own pace"  - Sean Kirk, Bingley, UK





  Ever since its first release, Project Mentor has helped its users gain Microsoft Project certifications.  If you are looking to become a Microsoft Certified Professional, why not let Project Mentor help you attain this valuable qualification.  As Project Mentor has been validated by Microsoft, you can be confident that what you'll learn can truly assist you in achieving that all-important pass mark. Microsoft Validated Training logo  

Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist

The image below shows the 74-343 certification lookup page within Project Mentor. With content listed by certification competency, accessing related lesson and reference content is just a click away. In addition, completion markers clearly indicate current learning or revision progress.

Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist revision page

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Comprising around 50 questions and lasting over 2 hours, the 74-343 (Project 2013), 70-178 (Project 2010) and 70-632 (Project 2007) Certified Professional exams provide a comprehensive assessment of Microsoft Project capability and should be considered by anyone wishing to use Microsoft Project in the real world. 

Project Mentor users can work through lessons, references and exercises confident that the learning content meets (and in many cases exceeds) the Certified Professional exam curriculum.  What's more, the Personal Learning Plan questions within Project Mentor are similar in style and difficulty to those found within the Microsoft exams.  Users can even prepare themselves for the exam by using a revision guide that maps exam competencies to Project Mentor content.


User feedback

"It had been 30 years since I last sat a 2 hour exam and I had no idea what to expect sitting down.  I need not have worried; my work with Project Mentor had prepared me well.  What's more it was good fun. I think it is the different learning styles that Project Mentor offers that kept everything interesting.  I used the 'walkthroughs' and then went back to the detailed lessons for reinforcement.  The modular structure allowed me to progress and revise as I needed.  The hyperlinks to the reference section meant I kept up with the jargon.  Best of all after passing the MCTS, I'll still get to keep Project Mentor close as a reference companion 'on the job'."

Neil Wilson - Wellington, New Zealand

  Let Project Mentor help you become a Microsoft Project Certified Professional

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