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The ideal alternative to taking a Microsoft Project class

"If you intend to use MS Project on an on-going basis, it is a lot less expensive than a class"  - Guy Terrell, Richmond, VA, USA






Better than a class

We've listed below some of Project Mentor's key features.  Why not try comparing these to a classroom-based alternative and see for yourself how Project Mentor stacks up.

Project Mentor

Learn with confidence.  Receive training delivered by acknowledged subject matter experts.

Learn with flexibility.  Create your own Personal Learning Plan to structure what you learn and how you learn.

Lookup with confidence.  Have authoritative references available as and when you need them.

Gain a Microsoft certification.  Get learning that exceeds the MCTS 74-343, 70-178 and 70-632 examinations.


With a user satisfaction rating of 97%, project professionals in top companies around the globe have Project Mentor as their learning tool of choice. 

What's more, statistics from our Personal Learning Plan database show that Project Mentor really does produce measurable results.  Users have an overall knowledge increase of 30% and a relative knowledge increase of more than 50% before and after using Project Mentor.

Average PLP results across all Project Mentor users

More cost-effective than a class

Good quality training doesn't come cheap, but it can easily pay for itself many times over, and the hidden cost of having no training at all doesn't even bear contemplation.  Why not try the savings calculator below and see for yourself just how cost-effective Project Mentor can be as compared to traditional classroom-based training.

The calculator below is split into three sections:

  • Salary Costs -  to work out the cost of sending someone away to a two-day training course.

  • Training Costs - the costs of attending a course.

  • Project Mentor Costs - The cost of Project Mentor and the savings you'll get from purchasing Project Mentor.

You only need to fill out steps, 1, 3 and 5 (which are marked in yellow) - the form will do the rest. 

Next to each step, you'll see a blue-coloured i icon.  Just roll your cursor over the icon and it will explain the how the calculator works.

When you have selected suitable values, click the Calculate the Cost Savings button.


Salary Costs





Average salary for attendees (US$)




Salary cost per attendee




Number of team members attending




Total cost of salary (US$)








Classroom Training Costs




Cost of a 2-day training class per person




Total cost of training




Total Cost of Classroom Training including salary costs








Project Mentor Costs





Project Mentor 12-month access licenses @ US$85




Cost Savings of




Please note that the calculations above compare Project Mentor to a 2-day training course.  When you consider that Project Mentor contains 3 day's worth of learning, it becomes an even more compelling prospect!


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