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How Project Mentor will help you plan and manage your projects better






"Project Mentor is more than a computer-based tutorial, it is a business tool and ready reference for jump-starting our busy headquarters staff to develop Microsoft Project and project management skills as a core competency."  - Stephen Michaelson, Program Manager, United Airlines


How Project Mentor will help you plan and manage your projects better


As someone who manages projects in the real world, you're no doubt looking for a true alternative to the classroom.  Not just a set of 'talking head' movies or pile of dry textbooks.

Let Project Mentor provide you with flexible, configurable and authoritative way to learn real subject matter:

Learn key Microsoft Project skills and techniques within thought-provoking interactive lessons

Use challenging tests to help structure your learning and confirm your understanding

Access comprehensive references as and when you want

You no doubt know there's significantly more to Microsoft Project than you see on the surface.  It's a serious bit of project management software.

Let the comprehensive learning in Project Mentor explain how it all works; from getting the basics right all the way to managing your entire project portfolio:

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