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With users across the globe in the thousands, Project Mentor is a learning tool of choice for project professionals across many organisations.  Listed below are just a number of major companies where projects are managed more effectively with the help of Project Mentor.  The quotes and statistics below are from a recent user survey. The responses we believe speak for themselves.




User satisfaction

Project Mentor users worldwide were asked a very basic question: Is Project Mentor good value for money and would they recommend Project Mentor to friends and colleagues?

The results we received were truly outstanding; with a 97% satisfaction rating.

To find out how Project Mentor is more cost-effective than attending a training class, click this link.

A 97% user satisfaction rating for Project Mentor



User quotes

It's in many ways better than classroom based teaching, because it provides better long-term retention.

Anthony Mak, London, UK

Project Mentor explains in a straightforward and practical way how to get the best out of Microsoft Project

Kevin Hunt, Wiltshire, UK

Project Mentor is a great way to learn Microsoft Project and to keep your skills up to date.

Vicki Frost, Imerys, Sandersvile, GA, USA

Project Mentor offers cost-effective, expert instruction delivered in a flexible way.

Sunil Hareendran, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I would describe it as something I use with great success. I am an experienced project manager with many years experience using MSProject - yet, I'm learning continuously. I highly recommend it for new PM's as well as the older dogs...

MJ Fick, Petanque Business Specialists, Cape Town, South Africa

I like the fact that you have exercises to test your learning. I love the way that it is laid out as it is easy and clear to understand. I also love the clear demonstrations that users can refer to if they need clarification at any point.

Maureen Parker, Program Framework, London, UK

I like the multidimensional approach. I can read, listen and/or practice exercises. I can research a specific topic or utilize a guided approach from lesson to lesson.

Marian Collins-Steding, Royal Oak, MI, USA

I am able to learn things that I can't get from the help files. It fits my learning style. I can use it as a reference when needed, which is a lot better than taking a class.

Will Nickerson, General Dynamics Satcom Technologies, San Jose, CA, USA

It gives you the same, but context driven, information that you get in expensive residential training courses to learn Microsoft Project. The benefit is not having to thumb through a tome of a training manual to find the information you need.

Chris Hughes, Newcastle, UK

Project Mentor is a unique source of knowledge with regards to project management. It is obvious that a lot of serious effort that has gone into the preparation of the software and as a customer, it is impossible not to appreciate the sustained level of support from the Project Learning team.

Zeynep Uygun, Design Group Director, Yapi Merkezi Inc. Istanbul, Turkey

With a tutor it is a one time event.  With Project Mentor you can revisit and do exercises at your own pace. Excellent example of a CBT eLearning package with blended learning.

Sean Kirk, eNable Consultancy, Bingley, UK

I had skimpy knowledge and it walked me through all the set up for a project from bottom to top with EXCELLENT explanations. If you intend to use MS Project on an on-going basis, it is a lot less expensive than a class.

Guy Terrell, Richmond, VA, USA

For the first time, I found a course that is simple, efficient and fun to use. The Rolls Royce of the the Microsoft Project Tutorials!

Chris Sharpe, Quebec, Canada



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