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Test your knowledge with this simple and fun quiz

"I am an experienced project manager with many years experience using MSProject - yet, I'm learning continuously"  - MJ Fick, Cape Town, South Africa




Personal Learning Plan Quiz

A unique aspect of Project Mentor is the Personal Learning Plan (or PLP). Containing over one hundred questions, spread across ten modules, the PLP provides an ideal way to evaluate what you already know, and to help you structure what you need to learn.

The ten questions in this quiz are similar in format to the ones in the PLP.  When you've completed the quiz, do take time to find out more about the PLP and the benefits that it provides.


To take the quiz, all you have to do is:

  1. Answer each of the ten multiple-choice questions to the best of your knowledge.

  2. Review your answers after they have been marked.

  3. Assess your overall score.

Please note that we do not store or analyze the results of your quiz. This quiz is provided to evaluate your current knowledge of Microsoft Project to help you focus your learning.


Test your existing knowledge with a pre-learning assessment

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