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Project Mentor technical specifications

"Project Mentor offers cost-effective, expert instruction delivered in a flexible way"  - Sunil Hareendran, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia






Recommended system specification


Any PC capable of running Windows 7 or later.


Broadband-level Internet connectivity required when streaming walkthrough movies.


1Gb of RAM or greater.

Screen Resolution

1024x768 pixels (1366x768 or greater is recommended).


Microsoft Edge.
Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE).
Mozilla Firefox.
Google Chrome.


A sound card (and speakers/headphones) is recommended for viewing the audio/video movies. 
These movies are also closed-captioned so you can watch them in an open office environment with the sound off.

Operating System

Windows 7 or later.

Additional Software

Microsoft Project 2016 / 2013 / 2010, Project Online Professional
If you run Project Mentor in one browser window and Microsoft Project in another window, this is an ideal way to experience as you learn.


In Project Mentor, you've got an enterprise-capable system that teaches you Microsoft Project wherever, whenever and however you wish.  Above, you'll find a bit of technical background about the recommended PC environment so you'll get the best from using Project Mentor.

Project Mentor - Specifications and edition comparison


With two great-value editions to choose from, Project Mentor has something to offer everyone involved with projects; from the individual professional consultant to the corporate project office. Use the interactive guide below to choose the edition that's right for you.

Check out Project Mentor's key features

Just click the links below to explain each feature in more detail so you can mach each feature to your own specific needs.

Project Mentor

Thirty lessons containing 98 audio-video movies with closed captioning

Let world-renowned Microsoft Project experts show you how Microsoft Project works and how you can get the best from it.

Create your own Personal Learning Plan

Use pre-learning tests and post-learning examinations to create your own learning plan that structures what you learn and how you learn it.

Several hundred detailed reference topics

Let interlinked reference topics provide the in-depth detail that explains exactly how Microsoft Project works.

Keyword-by-keyword lookup

Lookup by keyword, then follow links to lessons that teach and references that explain your keyword and its context.

MCTS certification content and lookup

Use lesson and reference links to gain certification competencies to help you become a Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist.


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